The broad scope of ‘Mobile Learning in VET towards 2020’ (Mo.L.VET 2.0.20) is fostering m-learning pedagogy, to help reduce early school leaving, decrease the number of under-skilled teenagers, contribute to the development of the so-called 21st century skills such as ICT literacy, collaborating, communicating, creativity, problem solving and ultimately support modernization of education and training systems.

M-learning does not simply imply technological revolution, but requires a rethinking of the teacher’s role and methodologies. Innovativeness of pedagogical practices only emerges when teachers use ICT in their efforts to organize newer forms of learning activities.

The innovative aspect of the project’s approach is letting trainers/teachers and learners become co-producers of contents and tools and not only users. Mo.L.VET 2.0.20 aims at rebuilding the concept of formal learning and pedagogy, empowering users to create and publish theirs contents. M-learning encourages learner-centred approaches, group work, peer learning, and it promotes inquiry-based learning, learning-by-doing, problem solving and creativity. This means enabling people to acquire knowledge, skills and competences that are not purely occupational and to adapt to new developments and manage change.

Final conference in Milan – 15 november 2016

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